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Reliable Assault Lawyer in Edmonton

The simple definition of assault is the contact or attempted contact with someone else without that person’s consent. It’s important to remember that the threat of assault may be all that is required for an assault charge to be issued legally. Actual injury would not have to exist to receive an assault charge.

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Different Types of Assault Charges

Different kinds of assault charges exist:

Simple assault

When charged with common assault, it is a hybrid offence. That means that the Crown has an election on how to proceed. It may be by summary conviction or indictment. The latter being the more serious of the two ways the Crown can proceed in Court. However, even if proceeded by summary conviction, due to recent amendments to the Criminal Code, the maximum penalty is two years less one day.

Assault causing bodily harm

Assault causing bodily harm is committing an assault physical injury that is more than transitory or trivial, then a charge of Assault Causing Bodily harm may be laid. In the event the Crown proceeds by indictment, the maximum penalty is ten years imprisonment.

Assault with a weapon

Assault with a weapon involves an assault with any object. It does not require that the object be what a person typically considers a weapon (i.e. it could be a pen, cell phone, etc.). On the Crown proceeding indictment, the maximum penalty is ten years.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is a more severe form of assault where a person receives an injury that wounds, disfigures, or endangers the person’s life. This offence is strictly indictable and has a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is an assault of sexual nature that violates the sexual integrity of a person. It does not require that the person charged intended the act complained of to be for a sexual purpose. Further, depending upon the age of the Complainant, this can significantly affect the maximum period of imprisonment which the Court can impose.
Sexual assault with a weapon/threats/bodily harm
More extreme versions of sexual assault are commonly charged based on the circumstances. There are both summary convictions and indictable sentences for the crime committed. The maximum sentence ranges from 18 months to 10 years in prison.
Aggravated sexual assault
Aggravated sexual assault is a sexual assault where the Complainant received wounds, disfigurement, or the assault endangered their life. It is a strictly indictable offence. The maximum penalty can dramatically increase dependent upon the age of the Complainant and if the allegations included firearm offences in the course of the crime.
Assaulting a police officer
There are several variations of this charge in the Criminal Code. The central element is that the Police officer got assaulted while in the execution of his duty. First, however, it is crucial to identify what function the officer was exercising, was he doing so reasonably or were the actions of an accused justifiable in the circumstances.

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